Preparing for crises doesn’t have to be a lonely thing. I have found that it makes preparation less stressful to compare my notes with those of others.

This post contains notes on my timing and preparation requirements for the four global crises most humans are facing now: Pandemic, Civil Unrest, Climate Change, and Economic Turmoil. I have considered preparation from today through the end of 2021. I also added a brief history of my countries situation at the bottom, which I hope is as interesting to read as it was cathartic to write.

TL;DR: I added several reminder events, gathered…

I’m writing this to explain how I ultimately broke through my climate change pessimism and have become hopeful.

I used to look at the climate situation and see a hopelessly impossible set of governance problems.

Now, I see a desperately urgent set of tractable governance and engineering problems.

That’s a big improvement.

TL;DR: We already bet everything. The odds are long. Time is short. But we can do this.

The axioms of climate pessimism:

Walk through some pessimism with me for a couple pages, and I’ll show you an optimistic mission.

By now, I think a lot of lay people who follow climate science, like…

Status: Basic setup and connection between metamask and a dev node works. Connection between truffle test framework and the dev node works. Need to revisit this again to get the drizzle app working.

If you have a recent pixelbook, and you are trying to get set up for smart contract development, then this post may be helpful. Here are my notes on this setup.

Turn on Linux Containers

In settings on your pixelbook, turn on “Linux (Beta)” — it’s at the bottom of the page. Reddit reference:

That should create a virt running a Debian Linux container that has access to a chromium window…

As Andreas hath sayeth regarding Bitcoin:

“In the time between December 11 and December 31st, we will see a *lot* of volume (through CME).”

Basically, the CME is going to bring futures into the Bitcoin market in a big way. The entry of the CME has been in the news, but that video of Andreas puts an exclamation point on the situation.

I’m about to hedge, but it’s apropos. It’s possible that *most* large buyers will buy *in* to move volume. It’s possible that an institutional player or two might buy a lot of bitcoin right away — they…

I dug into the history of the term blockchain. As a former technical writer, it’s hard not to cringe when I see yet another ambiguous use of this word.

Here I will relate my research into the history of the word blockchain, and a few opinions on it’s usage. If you are interested in the history of this term, or if you just want to avoid confusing people when you use it, you might want to give this a read.


Cipher Block Chaining: 1976 — This technique didn’t coin the word, but it’s the oldest construct I can find that…

TL;DR — The Ethereum network was saturated with transactions from a particularly challenging ICO — exchanges had insufficient controls to slow a flash crash, and were isolated from rebalancing one another via arbitrage — a big ether holder in one exchange put in a huge sell order at-market that caused the price to drop precipitously on that exchange only— since then, normality has been achieved — there are a lot of reasons to believe the ecosystem will be able to deal with this type of situation better in the coming years.

The book from whence the phrase entered the lexicon.

If you hold much ether, or maybe if your…


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